Exotic weapons will be replaced by a new mechanic: “exotic styles”.An exotic style has a stat line exactly as though it were a weapon; it has a specified damage die, damage type, critical profile, and so on. However, an exotic style is not an item in the world. Instead, every exotic style specifies a list of allowable weapons. Whenever a character proficient in the style is wielding an approved weapon, they may override the weapon’s normal stat line with that of the style. Some styles have the [Mod] tag. This means that each weapon must be modified before the style benefits are applied. Once modified, the weapon inflicts a -4 nonproficiency penalty to anyone not proficient in that style. Applying or removing a modification takes 1 hour and a DC 10 craft (weaponsmithing) check.

Exotic Styles based on PHB Weapons:
Heavy Blade: 1-handed melee. 2d6 slashing damage, Critical 19-20. Allowed Weapons: Longsword, Greatsword
War Axes: 1-handed melee. d12 slashing damage, 20/X3 critical. Allowed weapons: battle ax, great ax.
Darth Maul [Mod]: double weapon. 1d6/1d6 bludgeoning/slashing damage, 19-20/X2 criticals. Allowed weapons: Dagger, Quarterstaff, Light Mace, Short Sword. Each item contributes its magic properties to one side of the darth maul.
Shuriken [Mod]: Light melee/thrown weapon. 1d4 Piercing, 19-20/X2 criticals, 20 foot range increment. Counts as a special monk weapon. Allowed Weapons: Dagger, Dart
Chain Fighting [Mod]: Maces, Flails, and Daggers are reach weapons for you. They can still attack adjacent targets.

Exotic Styles from other sources
Elven Courtblade: Light melee weapon, 1d8 piercing/slashing damage, 18-20X2 critical. Allowed Weapons: any sword (excludes daggers)
Elven Hunting Bow: two-handed ranged weapon. 1d8 Piercing. 110 foot range increment. X3 critical. Usable while mounted. Always applies full strength bonus. Allowed: longbow, short bow, composite or regular
Orc Spear Hunting: 1-handed melee/ranged weapon. 1d8 Piercing, X3 critical, 30 foot range increment, set versus charge. Allowed: Spear, Shortspear, Javelin, Quarterstaff [Mod]

Class Writeup: Elf Paragon

Flavor: Elven paragons are intiated into the druidic mysteries of their people, but do not devote their lives to the priesthood. Instead, they master elven arts like hunting and swordplay, and gain even more control over their bodies through long meditation.

Hit Die: d8 BAB: As Fighter Saves: as Rogue Skills: 6/Level
Proficiencies: Light armor, simple weapons, and any courtblade or hunting bow weapons.
1 Elfsight, Blade & Arrow, Elfheart (False Life)
2 Spellcasting, Elfstep, Elfheart (Remove Poison)
3 Elven Wisdom, Elfheart (Haste)

Elfsight (EX): The paragon gains an additional +2 bonus to spot, listen, and search. Targets in areas of shadowy illumination are no longer concealed.
Blade & Arrow: The paragon gains courtblade and hunting bow proficiencies.
Elfheart: The paragon’s conscious control of their metabolism gives them a number of spell-like abilities. These are always used at a caster level equal to the elf’s character level,and never effect anyone other the paragon. Each is usable 1/day.
Spellcasting: At levels 2 and 3, the paragon gains one level of druid spell progression. This stacks with existing druid levels, but does not require them.
Elfstep: The paragon’s movement is not impaired by non-magical thorns and undergrowth, inclines, rubble, or snow. The paragon benefits permanently from a Pass Without Trace effect. If they gained Woodland Stride from another class, they also gain a Water Walk effect.
Elven Wisdom: the paragon gains a +2 racial bonus to Wisdom.

Class Writeup: Gnome Paragon

Hit Die: d6 Skills: 4 BAB: as rogue saves: as rogue
Proficiencies: simple weapons
1 Gnomic Arcana, Innate Power
2 Gnomic Specialization
3 Sneak Attack +1d6, Brew Potion

Gnomic Arcana: At each level of Gnome Paragon, the paragon gains spellcasting ability as if they had gained a level of wizard. This does not require any prior wizard level, and comes with a spellbook and the standard number of free spells. However, the paragon may only prepare and cast spells from the Illusion or Necromancy schools. If the paragon does have Wizard levels, they stack, and the school restriction applies to the spell slots gained by adding the paragon levels.
Innate Power: The paragon’s racial spell-like abilities are usable at will
Gnomic Specialization: The paragon may specialize in either Illusion or Necromancy, as a wizard would but without choosing opposed schools. If they were already specialized in one of these schools, they may either regain access to their formerly opposed schools, or dual-specialize in Illusion and Necromancy. In this case they only gain 1 bonus spell per spell level from specialization but may choose it from either list. In addition, whenever a feat or class feature requires them to choose a school of magic, the dual specialist may select (illusion and necromancy).

Class Writeup: Halfling Paragon
Hit die: d8 Skills: 6 Saves: as Ranger BAB: as Fighter
Proficiencies: light and medium armor, shields (but not tower shields), simple and martial weapons.
1 Outrider, Knight’s Challenge +1d6
2 Sneak Attack +1d6, Fearless
3 Halfling Strength, Adaptive Doctrine

Outrider: While mounted, the paragon may make a single Hide or Move Silently roll and apply the result to both themselves and their mount. However, they must use the mount’s size modifier in place of their own.

Ferless: the paragon is immune to fear effects

Halfling Strength: the paragon gets a +2 to Strength (canceling the racial penalty)

Adaptive Doctrine: If the paragon gains Sneak Attack dice from any other source, they gain twice as many dice of Knight’s Challenge. If they gain Knight’s Challenge dice from any other source, they also gain half as many Sneak Attack dice (rounded up). If Knight’s Challenge and Sneak attack would both apply simultaneously, do not double count.

Class Writeup: Goblin Paragon
BAB: as Fighter Skills: 6 Saves: as Cleric Hit Die: d10
Proficiencies: simple and martial weapons, light medium and heavy armor, shields (but not tower shields)
1 Wolf Companion, Outrider
2 Training, Nomad’s Grace
3 Goblin Majesty, Worg Companion

Wolf Companion: The paragon gains a Wolf animal companion, exactly as if they were a 1st-level druid. Additional paragon level improve upon it accordingly and stack with other such progressions. If they have levels in Trainer, they may store, summon, and heal their wolf as though it were a pet, but it does not count against control limits.

Training: at level 2 and 3, the paragon progresses in their ability to control pets as though they had gained a level of trainer. They also progress the damage they deal with binding spheres. They do not get any other benefits such as stat bonuses to pets or the ability to craft binding spheres.

Nomad’s Grace: the paragon constantly benefits from an Endure Elements effect.

Goblin Majesty: the paragon gains a +2 bonus to Strength and Charisma, canceling the racial penalties

Worg Companion: the paragon may replace their Wolf companion with a Worg companion. The Worg companion gains Link, Share Spells, Devotion, and Evasion as though it were an animal companion, but none of the other benefits. The Worg gains the full benefit of any Trainer abilities, and can be advanced up to the paragon’s control limit.


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