Common Magic Items

Exotic weapons do not exist in Ora. Every manufactured weapon in the game world is a member of a simple or martial class. Instead, Ora has Exotic Weapon Styles. An Exotic Style has a stat line as though it were a weapon, but anyone proficient in that style can use this stat line in place of the original stat line of qualifying weapons. Example:

Elven Courtblade: Light melee, 1d8 Slashing/Piercing damage, 18-20 threat range. Allowed: Short sword, longsword, scimitar, rapier

Heavy Blade: One-handed melee 2d6 slashing, 19-20 threat range. Allowed: longsword, greatsword

War Axes: One-handed melee 1d12 slashing, X3 critical. Allowed: battleax, greatax

Chain Fighting: You have reach, but can still attack adjacent foes. Allowed: Light and heavy mace, light and heavy flail, dagger.

Repeater: ranged. 1d10 piercing, 19-20 threatens. Range inc. 80 feet. Reloads 5 times as a free action, then once as a standard. Allowed: light and heavy cross-bow

Shuriken: light melee/thrown. 1d4 piercing, range increment 20 feet, 19-20 threatens, counts as a special monk weapon. Allowed: dagger, dart.

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