The Triune
In the earliest recorded histories, the Dwarves were a druidic people and signatories to the Triune Pact. Their circle of elders met in the Diamond Vale to decide matters of import to the all dwarves, who otherwise tended to wander the land in small pastoral clans. The elder druids still exist, and still practice their traditions, although with much less power than they once held. Their surviving followers have all clustered in the Vale itself, and constitute less than 10% of the total dwarf population. Adventurs from these communities are usually druids, soldiers, or rogues.

The Mines
Dwarves were not the first people to refine anima, but they were the first to do so in industrial quantity. The enormous wealth provided by their anima mines reshaped their society completely, displacing the leadership of the elder druids in favor of technocratic merchant lords. They abandoned their nomadic ways in favor of enormous tower-cities that drilled deep into the earth and soared high up to the sky, ferrying Anima to skyborne markets. Displacing the druids was all the easier because of a growing rift within the elders’ ranks, although the nature of their disagreement was not yet known. At this time Soulborn came into prominence as the dwarves’ warrior elites, a position they hold to this day.

The Black Sun
When the Black Sun emerged from the underground, unleashing a tide of undead over the land, the nature of the dissension in the circle became clear. Many of the druids had sense that something like this event was coming, but didn’t agree on how to respond. A minority factions felt that the black sun and its undead were as natural as anything else, likening it to the winter in some millenial cycle of seasons. They deserted the Vale en masse, forming camps of Bligters and Dread Necromancers who threaten the dwarfhome to this day. The remaining dwarves withdrew into their mine-towers, relying on high ground to defend them from mindless zombies and on complex wards to hold out the spectres. However, it was a losing fight. One by one their halls went silent.

The Sun King
The dwarves were saved by the arrival of a delegation from the Sun King, A hobgoblin Cleric of great power who ruled over a theocratic tribe of sun-worshippers that spread cross the uppermost islands. When the dwarves witnessed the sun-priests’ effectiveness against he dead, they converted to the sun church in droves, abandoning the elder druids in favor of a new ecclesiarchy. Although their worship looks very different—Hobgoblins glorying in the immanent presence of the sun, dwarves hoping for a sign from that distant patron—they are politically entwined, with the hobgoblins organizing supply convoys and a Foreign Legion to support the dwarven regime. In the present era, Dwarven Clerics and Sunsages have come into prominence.

Dwarves in Ora have the following rules traits:

Favored Class: Cleric and Soulborn


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